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This National Certificate is the culmination of preparing the qualifying learner for further progression in the railway signalling environment in the safe, efficient and effective fault-finding and repair of railway signalling equipment. Learners found competent against this Qualification will be able to execute the fault finding and repair process at a standard that will maintain the safe operations of trains.

Outcomes: Student will,

  • This Qualification will enable students with the flexibility and mobility in the railway signalling and electrical engineering fields
  • be able to communicate effectively with all role-players during the execution of their work.
  • be able to execute integrity tests on signalling installations according to railway signalling engineering practice and specifications
  • be able to Supervise railway signalling projects.
  • be able to apply and implement the related statutory requirements.
  • be able to Plan and prepare the execution of fault finding and repair tasks on railway signalling equipment to component level and solve potential problems that may arise.

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